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The biggest civic action in the history of our planet, the World Cleanup Day, will take place on 15 September.


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The biggest civic action in the history of our planet, the World Cleanup Day, will take place on 15 September. On this day, millions of people from 150 countries will come together to take a step towards a cleaner world and draw attention to the global waste problem.


The biggest civic action in the world started in Estonia in 2008 and will be overseen from Estonia on 15 September. This means that we have the chance to make Estonia bigger than ever before in just one day.

As the World Cleanup Day is the biggest gift from Estonia to the world on our 100th birthday, we have every reason to make a special effort in the name of this initiative. Therefore, we invite you to help us bring the idea and message of the initiative to every Estonian as well as the rest of the world. It’s very easy to do.


Ask your friends to come along and join the cleanup action!


Invite your friends, colleagues and partners at home and abroad to join the cleanup action on 15 September. Find the nearest pile of rubbish, take some bin bags and gloves with you, and clean it up. Even the smallest contribution helps! You will find the contact details of the teams in your country at


We would be grateful if you shared this call to action via your intranet, websites, newsletters, and various official and personal social media channels. You can also design an invite and send it via our website (link). Make sure you share photos of your cleanup action and use the hashtags #worldcleanupday2018 and #ev100.


We believe that we can do something truly big together and are very grateful to you for joining in! Let’s do itJ



Kind regards,

Eva Truuverk

World Cleanup Day




World Clean Up Day 15 September 2018

  • The World Cleanup Day will be held on 15 September 2018.

  • The biggest civic action in the world started in Estonia in 2008 and will be overseen from Estonia on 15 September. Approximately 150 countries will start cleaning up the Earth on the same day under the leadership of Estonia.

  • Let’s Do It World Cleanup Day is part of the Estonia 100 programme and is the biggest gift from Estonians to the world.

  • The World Cleanup Day will follow the Sun around the world – the cleanup will start at 10 am in New Zealand and end 36 hours later in Hawaii. The action will kick off on 14 September at 11 pm Estonian time.

  • The headquarters of the World Cleanup Day will be based in Tallinn and the results of the action, information, TV broadcasts, etc. from all over the world will be gathered there. The global TV broadcast will be hosted from the headquarters in Tallinn and shared all over the planet.

  • Millions of people will come out in support of cleaner nature, with an aim to take a step towards a cleaner world together and draw attention to the global problem of waste and seek possible solutions.

  • In Estonia, the cleanup action will focus on forests, beaches, lake shores and river banks.


Facts about the waste problem


  • According to the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), ca 4 billion tons of waste is generated every year, of which ca 1.6 billion tons  is household waste.

  • 3.5 billion people in the world have no access to waste management systems and the waste ends up in nature, incl. in oceans, or it is burnt.

  • According to the Global Waste Management Outlook, hundreds of millions of tons of illegal waste ends up in nature every year and from there makes its way to the oceans. 80% of the waste floating in oceans is of mainland origin.

  • This is why the problem of waste is just as critical for developed countries as it is for developing ones. Although several associations monitor waste in different regions of the world, insufficient information about the quantities and locations of the waste prevents dealing with the problem efficiently.


The story of the World Cleanup Day


  • A group of people, including Rainer Nõlvak, Toomas Trapido, Henri Laupmaa and Kadri Allikmäe, sat down together in August 2007 and came up with the idea to clean Estonia from waste in one day. Ahti Heinla, Tiina Urm, Tatjana Lavrova, Eva Truuverk and Anneli Ohvril joined them later. 620 volunteers and over 500 organisations in Estonia helped make Let’s Do It! a success.

  • More than 50 thousand people cleaned up over 10 thousand tons of waste on 3 May 2008. It would have taken the state years and cost 22.5 million euros. But it got done in one day and only cost half a million euros (mostly the cost of waste handling by waste management companies).

  • The first country to join Estonia’s initiative was Lithuania, which carried out a supporting cleanup day with Estonia (with a couple of thousands of volunteers on 3 May 2008). Latvia carried out a cleanup action in autumn; Slovenia, Portugal, Serbia and many others followed suit.

  • Almost 20 million people from more than a hundred countries of the world have cleaned up their territories at different times based on the Let’s Do It! model.

  • Maximum numbers of cleanup day participants: Latvia (210,000), Lithuania (250,000), Portugal (100,000), Slovenia (270,000), Romania (250,000), Albania (281,000), Hungary (200,000), Bulgaria (375,000), Ukraine (500,000), India (54,000), the Philippines (28,000), etc.


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