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Estonia Supports Obstetrics Training for Midwives in Georgia


Estonia is supporting the sharing of practical experiences in the obstetrics sector with midwives in Georgia in order to help improve the quality of medical care in the Batumi area.

Foreign Minister Paet stated that the level of the Estonian health care sector, including obstetrics, is very good, and we are prepared to share our experiences with others. “Due to the social instability caused by wars, Georgia’s obstetrics sector needs to be developed and its midwives need supplementary training,” he said. The foreign minister added that for this reason Estonia would like to use development co-operation to improve the knowledge and skills of the midwives in the Batumi Maternity Hospital. “Improving the quality of obstetrics will in turn reduce infant mortality and improve the situation of women and children in Georgia,” said Paet.

Within the framework of the project, midwives from the Tartu University Hospital will share practical skills with their Georgian colleagues. For example, the Georgian midwives will be taught newer methods in obstetrics and given information on family planning, more effective ways to organise midwife aid, and how to monitor mother and child’s condition post partum. During the run of the project two groups of midwives from Batumi will come to Estonia for practical training and a group of midwives from Tartu will travel to Georgia to give guidance for organising obstetrics on-site.

The Estonian Foreign Ministry is supporting the training of Georgian midwives with close to 30 000 euros.

This project is helping to fulfil the UN Millennium development goals by improving the health of mothers and reducing child mortality.

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