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Estonia Supporting Psychological Counselling for Georgian Women and Youths Affected by Conflicts


The Foreign Ministry is supporting the Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre located in Gali Province in Georgia in order to help provide psychological counselling to women and youths that have been affected by conflicts.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the goal of Estonia’s contribution is to provide opportunities for the women and children of Gali Province in Georgia to get consultations and counselling or primary medical check-ups. “Today, on Mother’s Day, we must unfortunately also think about those mothers who have lost their homes and must live with their children and families as refugees. The residents of Gali need not only medical help as a result of military conflicts, but also professional psychological aid. It is especially important for this kind of aid to be available to young people and women,” said Paet.

The Gali Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre aims to provide free medical check-ups to the women and youths of Gali Province, as well as psychological support and counselling. Estonia is supporting the Centre’s activities with 5 000 euros.

Gali Provice is an impoverished area torn apart by war. A large proportion of the province’s population is made up of internally displaced persons who are awaiting the opportunity to return to their homes.

The project is being funded from the Foreign Ministry’s 2011 budget for development and humanitarian aid.

Detailed descriptions and overviews of Estonia’s development co-operation projects in previous years are available from the Foreign Ministry’s homepage:

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