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Estonia Supports Increasing Domestic Security in Georgia


In his meeting with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili today, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet emphasised Estonia's support for Georgia's reforms and its progress towards the European Union and NATO.

“We wish for Georgia to move persistently and patiently, carrying out reforms that bring it closer to the European Union and NATO,” said Paet. “Estonia supports Georgia's efforts, and we hope that a visa facilitation and readmission agreement can be concluded between the European Union and Georgia very soon,” Paet added.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet emphasised Estonia's continuing support of Georgia in the development aid sector. Today Paet presented the interior ministry of Georgia with equipment that will help Georgia increase its capability to detect forged car documents and prevent the illicit sale of cars in the Caucasus region. “Georgia is one of Estonia's four development co-operation target countries. We wish to support the development of a democratic Georgia; this border control equipment for improving domestic security is a part of that support,” stated the Estonian foreign minister during the presentation ceremony at the Georgian Interior Ministry.

Topics of discussion included prospects for economic development and the attractiveness of Georgia's economic environment. Paet, who opened an Estonia-Georgia business seminar in Tbilisi, expressed hope that Georgia's preparations would soon reach the point when it would be possible to begin a comprehensive free trade agreement between the European Union and Georgia as well as negotiations for a European Union-Georgia association agreement. Paet also stressed the necessity of concluding an agreement for the protection of investments between Estonia and Georgia.

Paet met today with Georgian Parliament Speaker David Bakradze, Prime Minister Nikoloz Gilaur, and Deputy Foreign Minister George Bokeria, with whom he discussed Estonia and Georgia's close relations, Georgia's progress towards the European Union and NATO, the region's security situation, energy issues, and co-operation within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership.

While talking with David Bakradze about Georgia's domestic political situation, Foreign Minister Paet expressed hope that Georgia's domestic political situation would stabilise and that debate would shift from the streets to the Parliament, which is the place for discussing and resolving issues that affect the development of the nation.

At their meeting they also discussed the security situation in the wake of last August's Georgia-Russia military conflict. “The continuation of the UN UNOMIG mission as well as other international monitoring missions is essential for giving a feeling of security to the people of Georgia, but it is also an indicator of the fact that the Georgia-Russia military conflict has not been resolved,” Paet stressed.

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