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Border treaties between Estonia and Russia were signed by the countries’ foreign ministers


Today in Moscow, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov signed the State Border Treaty and the Maritime Border Treaty between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation. The foreign ministers also signed a treaty between Estonia and Russia regulating the conditions of the location of embassies.

According to Foreign Minister Paet, a border that is clearly designated and accepted by both parties is essential to guaranteeing security for Estonia. “The existence of border treaties between neighbouring countries is more often the rule rather than the exception,” Paet said. “Legally defined borders between neighbouring countries are essential for avoiding misunderstandings on potentially critical and sensitive topic of territories – both during times of peace and in crisis situations,” he emphasized.

“Our clear goal when looking to the future is that the state border with the Russian Federation be legally defined. The less open and unsolved major issues we have with Russia, the better,” noted Minister Paet.

Foreign Minister Paet confirmed that Estonia's mission is to secure its future. “In Northern Europe, Estonia is the country most tightly integrated with international organizations. Therefore, it is important to know exactly where, physically, Estonia’s international commitments begin and where they end,” Paet said. “Our eastern border is also NATO’s collective defence border and it is the external border of the European Union’s common market,” the Estonian foreign minister remarked. He added that it is not possible to underestimate the significance of having a clearly defined and a functioning border, in terms of both security and economic policy.

The agreement regulating the conditions and location of embassies will determine the conditions on the use of diplomatic properties, Paet said. “Estonia has used the Estonian embassy building in Moscow since 1922, but it has never belonged to us,” foreign minister Paet said. According to the agreement, Russia will grant the building to Estonia. 



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